Long Boys Coconut Taffy Candy Sticks 48 Count

Long Boys Coconut Taffy Candy Sticks 48 Count
Long Boys Coconut Taffy Candy Sticks 48 Count

Long Boys Coconut Taffy Candy Sticks 48 Count. The MORE you order the more you SAVE on shipping ! Be sure to check your Paid Invoice for the Monthly discount COUPONS.

Long Boys Coconut Taffy Candy Sticks 48 Count

Long Boys Coconut
Traditional old-fashioned southern treats, Coconut Long Boys are the newest member of the Atkinson family and we're proud to have 'em. These chewy caramels are blended with flakes of real coconut and rolled into the best-eating candy you'll ever have.

Long Boys Coconut Taffy Candy Sticks 48 Count
Display box contains 48 individually-wrapped Coconut Long Boys.

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Long Boys Coconut Taffy Candy Sticks 48 Count

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