Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing

Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing ** **********

Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing

Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing


Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing

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Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing

Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing

Advantage Services Site Map Product Listings


  Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing
Advantage Services Site Map Product Listings


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Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing
Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing
Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing
Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing

Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing

Airheads Candy Taffy   38 Special Little Cigars   5 Hour Energy Drink
Airheads Apple   38 Special Cherry   Bear Knife Collection
Airheads Blue Raspberry   38 Special Grape   Bellheimer Beer Steins
Airheads Cherry   38 Special Light   Blue Diamond Male Sexual
Airheads Grape   38 Special Menthol   Bull and Hannahs Snacks
Airheads Orange   38 Special Original   Chap-et Lip Balm
Airheads Lemonade   38 Special Peach   Rivet Super Treker Clip
Airheads Strawberry       Chapstick Assorted
Airheads Watermelon   4 Kings Cigarillos   Clear Eyes 12ct Display
Airheads White Mystery   4 Kings Cool Mint   Closeouts - Specials
    4 Kings French Vanilla   Contempo Condoms
Atomic Fireballs Tub   4 Kings Mango   Confederate Flag Knife
BB Bats Taffy   4 Kings Mint Chocolate Chip   Dental Chair Scuff Covers
    4 Kings Napa Grape   ADEC Scuff Cover
Big Slice Pops 48ct   4 Kings Pumpkin Spice   Belmont Scuff Covers
Big Slice Blue Raspberry   4 Kings Sweet Delicious   Healthco Scuff Cover
Big Slice Cherry   4 Kings Watermelon   Marus Scuff Cover
Big Slice Apple       MDT Scuff Cover
Big Slice Peach   Antonio y Cleopatra Cigars   Pelton & Crane Scuff Covers
Big Slice Pineapple   Antonio y Cleopatra Corona   Royal Scuff Covers
    AyC Grenadier   Dale Earnhardt Sr
Bit o Honey Candy   AyC Mini   Duck Knife Collection
    AyC Whiffs   Mini Ephedrine
Big League Chew   Buy 1 Get 1 Free Cigars   TNT Fireworks
    Backwoods Aromatic Cigars    
Batman Gumball Dispenser   Backwoods Honey Berry    
Bubble Gum Cigarettes   Backwoods Honey    
Bubble Gum Cigars   Backwoods Wild n Mild    
Bubble Yum Bubble Gum   Black & Mild Mild Cigars    
Cotton Candy   Black & Mild Apple    
Original Bubble Gum   Black & Mild Cherry    
Watermelon Bubble Gum   Black & Mild Cream    
    Black & Mild Filter Tip    
Bubblicious Bubble Gum   Black & Mild Gold and Mild    
Bubble Gum 18ct   Black & Mild Jazz    
Gonzo Grape   Black & Mild Mild    
Island Squeeze   Black & Mild Original    
Paradise Punch   Black & Mild Royale    
Savage Sour Apple   Black & Mild Shorts    
Strawberry Splash   Black & Mild Shorts Wine    
Twisted Tornado   Black & Mild Wine    
Watermelon Wave   Black & Mild Wine Wood Tip    
    Black & Mild Wood Tip    
Bug City Candy 12ct        
Bulk Candy   Blackstone Little Cigars    
    Blackstone Peach Cigars    
Candy bars 24ct 36ct   Blackstone Tip Cigarillo    
100 Grand Candy Bar   Blackstone Vanilla    
3 Musketeers Candy Bar   Blackstone Vanilla Tip    
5th Ave Candy Bar   Blackstone Wine Tip    
Almond Joy Candy Bar        
Baby Ruth Candy Bar   Cheyenne Little Cigars    
Candy Buttons   Cheyenne Extreme Menthol    
Runts Chewy   Cheyenne Full Flavor    
Chewy Spree   Cheyenne Grape    
Chunky Chocolate Bars   Cheyenne Light    
Candy Cigarettes   Cheyenne Menthol    
Gobstoppers Candy   Cheyenne Peach   4 Aces Pipe Tobacco
Heath Candy Bars   Cheyenne Sweet Tip   4 Aces Mellow
Junior Mints   Cheyenne Vanilla   4 Aces Mint
M & M Mini Candy   Cheyenne Wild Cherry   4 Aces Regular
M & M Peanut Butter   Cheyenne Xotic Berry    
M & M Plain       Captain Black Pipe Tobacco
Mallo Cup Candy   Derringer Little Cigars   Captain Black Cherry
Milky Way Midnight   Derringer Cherry   Captain Black Gold
Necco Wafers Assorted   Derringer Full Flavor   Captain Black Royal
Pay Day Candy Bar   Derringer Grape   Captain Black White
Reese Cup White   Derringer Light    
Reese Nut Rageous Bar   Derringer Menthol   Gambler Pipe Tobacco
Shock Tarts   Derringer Peach   Gambler Mellow
Skittles Sour   Derringer Vanilla   Gambler Mint
Smarties Mega       Gambler Regular
Snickers Almond   Double Platinum Wraps    
Snickers Candy Bar   Double Platinum Apple   Largo Pipe Tobacco
Sour Patch Kids   Double Platinum Berries   Largo Mellow
Sugar Babies   Double Platinum Champagne   Largo Mint
Sugar Daddy   Double Platinum Cognac   Largo Natural
Tootsie Pops   Double Platinum Flavorless   Largo Regular
Candy Tubs Jars   Double Platinum Martini    
Wax Lips   Double Platinum Mango   Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco
Zero Candy Bar   Double Platinum Mojito   Prince Albert 14oz Can
    Double Platinum Peach   Prince Albert Cherry Vanilla
Charms Blow Pops   Double Platinum Pina Colida   Prince Albert Original
Charms Assorted   Double Platinum Wild Honey   Prince Albert Soft Vanilla
Charms Black Cherry        
Charms Black Ice   Dutch Masters Cigarillo   Smoker's Pride Tobacco
Charms Blue Raspberry   Dutch Masters Blue Vanilla   Black Cavendish
Charms Caramel Apple   Dutch Masters Cigars   Cherry Cavendish
Charms Cherry   Grape Cigarillo   Natural Blend
Charms Cherry Ice   Honey Sports Cigarillo   Rum Cured
Charms Cotton Candy   Strawberry Cigarillo   Vanilla Cavendish
Charms Kiwi Berry   Sweet Cigarillo   Whiskey Pipe
Charms Mean Green   Vanilla Palma Cigarillo    
Charms Sour Apple   White Grape Cigarillo   Tin Starr Pipe Tobacco
Charms Sweet and Sour       Tin Starr Gold
Charms Tangerine Mango   Game Cigars 2 for 99ยข   Tin Starr Mint
Charms Way Sour   Game Cigarillo Cigars   Tin Starr Regular
Charms What A Melon   Game Gold    
    Game Grape   Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco
Chick-o-Stick Tub 160ct   Game Green    
Cotton Candy 4 oz   Game Natural   E-Cigarettes
    Game Red    
Cow Tales 36ct   Game Vanilla    
Carmel Apple Cow Tales   Game White Grape    
Chocolate Cow Tales        
Strawberry Cow Tales   Garcia y Vega Cigars    
Vanilla/Original Cow Tales   English Corona    
    Pops Cigars 25ct    
Cry Baby Candy Tub 240ct        
    Good Times Cigars    
Double Lollies 160ct Tub   Black Signature Cigarillos    
    Blueberry Cigarillos    
Ferrara Pan Candy 24ct   Champagne Cigarillos    
Applehead Candy   Cherry Delight Cigarillo    
Boston Baked Beans   French Grape Cigarillos    
Cherryhead   Green Sweet Cigarillos    
Chewy Berry   Hot Chocolate Cigarillos    
Chewy Lemonhead   Kush Cigarillos    
Chewy Redhead   Peach Cigarillos    
Chewy Tropical   Pineapple Cigarillos    
Grapehead Raspberry Cream Cigarillos
Jaw Busters   Strawberry Cigarillos    
Lemonhead   Sweet Cigarillos    
Orangehead   Tropical Blend Cigarillos    
Red Hots   Whip Cream Cigarillos    
    White Grape Cigarillos    
    Wine Cigarillos    
    Hav a Tampa Jewels Original    
    Hav a Tampa Jewels Sweet    
    Hav a Tampa Jewels Vanilla    
    Hype Cigarillos 60ct    
    Hype Blue Mystiq Cigarillos    
    Hype Pure Gold Cigarillos    
    Hype Purple Wave Cigarillos    
    Hype Silver Cigarillos    
    Hype Sweet Cigarillos    
    Hype Tropical Cigarillos    
    Hype White Grape Cigarillos    
    Hype Xotic Lush Cigarillos    
    La Corona whiffs Can Cigars    
    Muriel Coronella Cigars    
    Muriel Magnum Cigars    
    OHM Little Filtered Cigars    
    OHM Blue    
    OHM Cherry    
    OHM Exotic Berry    
    OHM Grape    
    OHM Menthol    
    OHM Peach    
    OHM Strawberry    
    OHM Sweet    
    OHM Vanilla    
    Phillie Double Apple Cigarillo    
    Phillie Grape Blunt Cigars    
    Phillie Blunt Cigars    
    Phillie Sour Apple Blunt    
    Phillie Strawberry Blunt    
    Phillie Titan Cigars    
    Phillie Wine Grapes Cigarillo    
    Swisher Sweets Cigars    
    Swisher Sweets Blunt    
    Swisher Sweets Coronella    
    Swisher Sweets Mini    
    Swisher Sweets Cigarillo    
    Swisher Sweets Perfecto    
    Swisher Sweets Slims    
    Swisher Sweets Tip Cigarillo    
    Swisher Sweets Wood Tip    
    Tampa Sweet Cheroot    
    Tampa Sweet Cigarillo    
    Tampa Sweet Perfecto    
    Tampa Sweet Cigars    
    Cigars Domestic Cigars    
    Antonio y Cleopatra Cigars    
    Black & Mild Cigars    
    Blackstone Cigars    
    Cheyenne Little Cigars    
    Dutch Masters Cigars    
    Dutch Masters Cigarillo    
    Dutch Masters Cameroon    
    Dutch Masters Cognac    
    Dutch Masters Corona    
    Dutch Masters Gold n Honey    
    Dutch Masters Honey Sports    
    Dutch Masters Palma    
    Dutch Masters Palma Honey    
    Dutch Masters Panetela    
    Dutch Masters Perfecto    
    Dutch Masters President    
    Dutch Masters Sports    
    El Producto Little Corona    
    El Producto Puritano Finos    
    El-Rees-So Sweets Cigars    
    El Producto Cigars    
    Garcia y Vega Cigars    
    Hav a Tampa Jewels Cigars    
    King Edward Little Cigars    
    La Corona whiffs Can Cigars    
    Miami Suites Cigars    
    Miami Suites Honey Berry    
    Miami Suites Honey    
    Miami Suites Irish Cream    
    Miami Suites Rum    
    Moonshine Crooks    
    Muriel Cigars    
    Optimo Cigars    
    Phillie Blunt Cigars    
    Prince Albert Cigars    
    Rustlers Cigars    
    Santa Fe Little Cigars    
    SLS Cigarillos    
    Spanish Maid Rum Crooks    
    Splitarillos Cigars    
    Swisher Sweets Cigars    
    Swisher Sweets Blk Cherry    
    Swisher Sweets Cherry    
    Swisher Sweets Full Flavor    
    Swisher Sweets Grape    
    Swisher Sweets Little Cigars    
    Swisher Sweets Menthol    
    Swisher Sweets Mild    
    Swisher Sweets Peach    
    Swisher Sweets Strawberry    
    Swisher Sweets Cigars    
    Tampa Nugget Cigars    
    White Owl Cigars    
    Cigar Girl    
    Cigar Abbreviation Key    
    Double Barrel Cigar Splitter    

Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing
Advantage Services Site Map Product Listing


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Domestic Cigars
Advantage Services does not sell cigars or tobacco products
to anyone under the age of 18, nor do we sell cigarettes.

Cigars - Domestic Cigars
All cigars and pipe tobacco sold by Advantage Services
is intended for personal consumption by its customers.




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Tobacco products may cause mouth cancer

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide.
SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight.
SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.
SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health.



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